Sheridan College Tech Center Bond Issue

“Learn a skill or a trade son, work hard, be honest and you’ll never be without a job for long. “   That’s what my father used to say.

Modified for today,  “Learn a skill or trade, work hard, be honest, select a job that pays a wage that can support a family.  A job that with health insurance and retirement benefits, holiday and vacation pay.  Perhaps be your own boss some day and own your own business.

There are no guarantees, but many Sheridan College Tech Students are finishing their program in or near their hometown, without amassing student loan debtand with jobs waiting.

I support the Tech Center Bond Issue for others like them in the future And for people like me who look to hire hard working, honest people who want to thrive using their hands and their heads.

Whether it is for your son or daughter, grandchild, friend or neighbor, help each become what they are capable of being so that they too can live the American Dream.