About Ron Kensey



I am Ron Kensey the proud founder and owner of Kennon Products, Inc of Sheridan, Wyoming. Kennon produces the worlds finest protective coverings mostly for aircraft, but also for high value assets.  Items that need protection and for which failure is not an option.

Kennon’s General Aviation Covers are on the end of quality and technical superiority.  All of our work is complimented by our Kennon Sign Shop.  They produce the graphics for all of our covers  and operate as a profit center by producing signs, banners, and a variety of display products that we sell to government, non-profit and commercial customers throughout the country.

It all started in 1984, out of a rented garage in Temple City, California.  It’s one of those stories where an idea, $500, initiative and hard work, magically resulted in success. ( He chuckles.)  Blood, sweat and tears is more like it.  The willingness to put everything you have, on the line, everyday. Building relationships, treating folks fairly, finding out what works and repeating it, finding out what is wrong and fixing it.

It’s really not all about me at all.  We have a magnificent team at Kennon.  We have a number of folks who have been with the company between 15 to 20 years.  Over half at least ten.

Now, as we groom the next generation of managers, and give them wings, let them fly, it is a good time for me to reflect on the Kennon Challenge, as it is today as was yesterday.

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